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Poster Guidelines
Oral presentations, keynotes and plenaries Guidelines

Guidelines for Poster Presentations

The three technical poster sessions will be held on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday (June 18-20) from 5:30PM until 8:00PM. Please review the on-line technical program to find your poster number and confirm the day of your presentation. Initial abstract number was assigned in increasing numerical order as they were received. As the meeting date approaches, all orals and posters will be renumbered in sequence based on the program date, morning or afternoon,  and then the technical session, with the posters assigned the last set of numbers each day, and  grouped by technical session.

Poster sessions will be held in the Hotel Hilton Americas on the third level in two different rooms that will be identified with signs and the poster abstract numbers given each evening.

A 4-foot high by 8-foot wide corkboard will be available for each poster presenter to attach to his or her poster. These final abstract numbers, on a 3 in x 5 in card, will be placed on the poster boards before the time to mount your poster. Please attach your poster on the corkboard that has your assigned number. Some pins or thumbtacks will be available, but please bring enough fasteners for your poster. Poster presenter will be responsible to include the title. Use font Times New Roman and size 26 for the title and authors names so attendees can easily read that information from the aisle.

On your scheduled poster presentation day, you will be able to access the poster room by 1130AM to put up your posters. We ask that all posters be in place by 5:00PM of your scheduled day so that the poster session can start at 5:30PM. When the poster session is finished at 8:00PM, please promptly remove your poster from the board. If you do not remove the poster, the staff will and the material will be placed at the conference main desk, and if not retrieved, destroyed at the end of the meeting.

During each poster session, snacks will be provided just outside the poster rooms.

If you have questions concerning the poster session, please use the address posters@20nam.org .

Guidelines for oral presentations, keynotes and plenaries

Each conference room will be equiped a PC and a projector. The presentations should be provided as a Microsoft Powerpoint file either on a flash drive or a CD.  We are planning to use flash drives to transfer the files to the PC. Flash drives will be available on site if you do not have one. A "speaker room" will be available for you to review your presentation material for the duration of the conference.

Presenters are expected to contact the session chair during the breaks prior to their presentation to load the files on the computer. This can be done each day from 9 to 10 am, 1 to 1:30pm and 2:30 to 3pm.  Check the schedule on the website for the details on your room assignment and time of presentation.

It is critical that all speakers respect the time allotments for their presentations. The session chairs will be instructed to reinforce the timing because we have 7 co-current sessions and we need to allow the audience to move from one room to another in time for the next presentation. The time allotments are:

Plenary lectures         1 hour including 10 minutes for questions
Keynotes                    1 hour including 10 minutes for questions
Orals                           25 minutes including 5 minutes for questions